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How much will your Maryland property rent for? Find out FREE here.

How much will your Maryland property rent for? Find out FREE here.

Love Letter to Realtors

On February 14th we will be delivering a Love Letter  to Realtors.  All of our Realtor friends in Howard County Maryland will be getting a LOVE Letter from us. We just want them to know how much they mean to us.

Realtor Love

Love Realtors

Dear Vishal,

I don’t quite know how to say this, but I’ve felt this way for a pretty long time now, so I guess I’ll just come right out and tell you… I love you. My parents think I’m crazy to fall for a Real Estate Agent like you. They would have been much happier if I’d started going out with a Mortgage Officer, or even a Tittle Officer. But nothing in the Real Estate Market compares with you. You’ve got everything that they have and more! So what if Mortgage Officers can be cool sometime…. You’ve got the houses. And any good house worth its salt beats a good lender, hands down. You’re so hot – all the other Realtors are totally jealous of us. Have you noticed they keep trying to get a piece of what we’ve got going on? Whatever. You’re mine. I had a dream about you the other night. We were walking on the beach together, House in hand, and you told me that you wanted us to manage all of your rental properties for the rest of your life.

You wanted to go everywhere I did, and cater to my every whim. (Ha! What Mortgage Officer would ever say that to a ugly Property Manager, Mom?) You even wanted to be friends with my friends, so I could be with you all the time but still have a social life, too! I was so swept…

When I’m down, you lift my spirits with a pretty new listing or a great free class. And you have this amazing effect on other people, too – you inspire them to give so generously of their time and expertise. And talk about making a difference in the world! You’re so philanthropic that you let anyone, anywhere, see all of your listings whenever they want, for free!

You make it possible for people halfway across the world to connect and look for a new place to live in Maryland. So, I guess what it all boils down to is that I love you and will take care of all your Landlords, Vishal, and I’m yours forever.

Will you be mine? Happy Valentine’s Day!


Real Property Management Prime

[email protected]


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